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Get the accessories you need to take your Aria light to the gig, the stage, the pit, or anywhere you go.

Aria Music Stand Light Soft Carrying Case

Soft Carrying Bag

Made from backpack-grade polyester, this durable water-resistant bag holds your Aria stand light, a power adapter, a power cord extender, and an inline dimmer. Two zippers provide easy access when you arrive at your destination, and the handle allows you to carry it conveniently in the same hand as your instrument. Fits all Aria lights. Model B1.
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Aria Music Stand Light Inline Dimmer

Inline Dimmer

Dim your Aria Light in situations where you don't need as much light, such as orchestra pits, theaters, etc. This low voltage dimmer connects between the power supply and your Aria Diva or Aria Solo and provides a full range of dimming. Model I1.
Our price $24.95
Aria Music Stand Light Power Cord Extender

Power Cord Extender

Extend your power cord another six feet to reach those distant outlets. Works with all Aria Brio, Aria Diva, and Aria Solo lights. (Extending the power cord beyond 15 feet is not recommended. Not compatible with Aria Forte.) Model E1.
Our price $14.95

Replacement Power Supply

Original replacement power supply for all Aria Diva, Aria Solo, and Aria Brio lights. Six foot power cord.

Our price $14.95

Replacement Forte USB Charger & Cable

Original replacement charger for Aria Forte lights. Includes a 9-foot (2.75m) USB charging cable for Forte.

Our price $14.95

Replacement Forte Battery

Original replacement battery for Aria Forte. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery pack provides 8+ hours of light at maximum brightness and 36+ hours at half brightness.

Our price $39.95

Replacement Brio Battery

Original replacement battery for Aria Brio. Rechargeable NiMH battery pack provides 3+ hours of light at maximum brightness and 12+ hours at half brightness.

Our price $39.95

Aria Music Stand Light DMX Decoder
User Guide    Cabling Diagram

Stage Lighting DMX Decoder

Dim all your Aria Lights in the pit or on stage using your house lighting console. Our Stage Lighting DMX Decoder accepts your house DMX signal and provides enough power for up to 30 Aria stand lights (in three separately addressable banks of ten). Three 35 foot cables are included to distribute power to every stand on stage or in the pit. Each cable serves 10 lights. Eliminates the need for power strips. Works with all Aria Diva and Aria Solo lights. 300 watts. Model DMX1.
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Aria Music Stand Light RC1 Road Case

Road Case for Pits, Worship, and Opera Companies

Transport and store your Aria Lights in style with our RC1 professional road case. With room for 34 Aria Lights and power supplies, the case both protects your lights and stores them compactly for the next performance. Rugged 4-inch locking wheels roll smoothly over most surfaces and stay put when you need them to. Made with black ABS laminate over 3/8-inch plywood and lined with 1/2-inch foam, it's designed for the tough life on the road. Plus, the cases stack to save you space when you need it. Model RC1.
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Aria Music Stand Light RC5 Road Case

Road Case for Professional Orchestras

Specially designed for professional orchestras, our RC3, RC5, and RC7 road cases make your orchestra tours a breeze. Store 60, 100, or 140 lights in a single wardrobe-style case. These cases not only store your Aria Lights and power supplies, but also have room for your DMX decoders and stage cables. With our unique horizontal mail-slot design, stage hands can quickly clear the stage and get you ready to move. Compartments lined with 1/2-inch foam over 3/8-inch plywood, rugged ABS laminate exterior, and 4-inch locking wheels make this case ideal for larger orchestras. Models RC3 (60 lights), RC5 (100 lights), and RC7 (140 lights).
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