“If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress.”

— David Rockefeller
Aria Lights was started by a musician who noticed that stand light bulbs seemed to dim in an unusually short amount of time and therefore they needed replacement before they burned out. And he was amazed that 40 watts of power still couldn’t illuminate the whole page but certainly made the light hot - hot enough to burn. Luckily, he also happened to be an electrical engineer.

Using computer ray-tracing techniques, he came up with an ingenious geometry using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which provided the most even light across four pages of music. The first Aria Light was born in 2010. The result is a completely new type of light that lasts 40 years, is kind to the environment, and delivers nearly perfect light on the page.

Today Aria Lights are used on Broadway and television, in LA recording studios, world-class symphony orchestras, schools, chamber quartets, rock bands, and by gigging musicians throughout North America. Aria Lights have become the standard by which other music stand lights are measured. Available in over 2,500 retail and online stores, Aria Lights continue to brighten the world every day.

We strive to make your playing experience as pleasant as possible. And we’d rather you focus on making great music than straining to see the notes.

We also value your feedback. So tell us what you think.
Row of Aria Lights