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John Williams and the Boston Pops Film Night (Photo by Stu Rosner)

"I wanted to tell you that the Aria Diva is an amazing light and I am sure you hear that a lot, but it is fantastic. Not only do they cover a great amount of the page and the light is white and pure, they are strong enough that on pieces when the overhead light isn’t dimmed at all, there aren't any shadowing issues on the page. Everyone LOVES the lights and they have completely helped the orchestra feel much more comfortable performing in compromised lighting situations."

Vincent Carbone
Production Manager
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga: Jazz + Piano at the MGM Grand

"We are into our second week of Pops and the stand light has been making its way through the orchestra. I did show the lights to the lighting designer (he's lit the White House and does the July 4th Boston Pops show) and he was very impressed with the light quality. . . . Attached is the purchase order for 80 stand lights."

Jake Moerschel
Assistant Stage Manager
Boston Symphony/Boston Pops
Emma Thompson with the New York Philharmonic in Sweeny Todd on PBS Live From Lincoln Center. (Photo courtesy New York Philharmonic.)
"For some time we had been getting a lot of complaints from our musicians about the quality of light our old style incandescent stand lights produced. We tried upping the wattage to 60w but essentially the light was not sufficient to the needs of the orchestra when playing pops or other shows in reduced ambient lighting. We identified five lights from three manufacturers that would be suitable for testing. Aria Lights Solo and Diva, Lotus Design Model 17 and Model 34 and the MightyBright Orchestra Light distributed by Wenger. All three manufacturers provided units for testing. We invited members of our orchestra to participate and each musician viewed all the lights on stage with the same music and a variety of ambient light. As it turned out each musician formed their opinion without knowledge of any other musician's opinion. Overall ranking of the lights was unanimous.

"The best suited to our needs was the Aria Diva light. The color temperature over all was perceived to be easiest on the eyes for long term use and most appropriate for the aesthetics of our hall. The power plug design is the best of any we have seen and impressively as cool as the lights after 5 hours continuous use. The fixture was the only one to not cast significant shadows on the music when a bright saturated color wash was used overhead.

"We purchased enough Aria Diva lights for our full orchestra and have used them this past season to great success. Replacing our 60w incandescent fixtures with 4w Led has not made a significant drop in our overall electrical use but the quality of light we can deliver to the musician's stand has improved greatly."
Chris Walroth
Production Manager
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
During the recent papal visit, the Philadelphia Orchestra played Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for the Pope. Andrea Bocelli then joined the orchestra for the Lord's Prayer. (Photo by Chris Lee.)

"After doing a great deal of research on stand lights for The Florida Orchestra, I found that several major orchestras use the Aria Diva light. Aria Lights sent us sample lights that were immediately popular with the musicians and we ordered 70 units soon after. Everyone loved the lights so much that 30 people from the orchestra ordered their own personal lights! For anybody that is looking to purchase stand lights, I highly recommend the Aria Diva. Great product and amazing customer service."

Nicholas Filzen
Operations Manager
Florida Orchestra
On Your Feet! The Gloria and Emilio Estefan spectacular on Broadway starring Ana Villafane and Josh Segarra. (Photo by Matthew Murphy.)

"We tried the new Aria light tonight at rehearsal - it's fantastic! The light works perfectly on our stands - thanks so much for all of your helpful information. The choir is looking forward to having every stand with an Aria Solo light!"

Jane S
Mankato, MN
Jamey Aebersold and Bobby Shew at the Jazz Education Network conference. (Photo courtesy of JEN.)

"My wife and I have been professional musicians for more than 35 years each (this is my 37th season with the Rochester Philharmonic). I have to say, after using these lights in a rehearsal today with the Rochester Philharmonic, these are the best stand lights I have ever used. I think they will work great in our home studios."

Bill Hunt
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Evanescence: Synthesis Live With Orchestra / Amy Lee at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo: Michelle Shiers)

"I’m finally getting around to a formal THANK YOU for your superior customer service. The replacement power supply seems to have done the trick. I love my Aria light! And I must tell you, so does most of the orchestra I use for my pit. They all BYOSL (bring your own stand light) even though not required, because they prefer their Arias."

Heather Luellen
Music Director/Accompanist
Musical Theatre, Missouri State
Phildelphia's Academy of Vocal Arts, which provides free higher education to aspiring opera singers, performs La Boheme under the direction of Dr. Richard Raub.
"These Aria Lights are incredible! They showed up just in time for us to use with two separate orchestras. What a time saver! Our crew was stoked and the performers were impressed! Thank you!"
Cody Kosinski
Master Electrician
Wheeler Opera House
City of Aspen, Colorado
"I love the Aria lights - by far in another league. We ordered four different stand lights and BTW, yours was the best by a landslide."
Victoria Paterson
American Modern Ensemble
New York, NY


"No other stand light even comes close to the high quality of Aria Lights . . . they are exceptional! I recommended them to everyone. My sister is a member of Pittsburgh Symphony and is hooked on them after visiting me here in Indy."
Noelle Tretick Gosling
Muncie Symphony Orchestra
Noelle Tretick Gosling (violin) and Lisa Kozenko (oboe) after finishing the Bach Concerto in C minor for Violin and Oboe with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra using their Aria Forte lights. (Photo courtesy Noelle Tretick Gosling)

"I love your lights! They work especially well for me while playing for shows at the Fox theater in Saint Louis, MO. I'm a percussionist and need dimmable lights that provide light across two stands. Aria lights are perfect!! Very satisfied customer!!"

Alan Schilling
St. Louis Symphony
St. Louis, MO
"As if it weren't enough that Aria Lights are miles ahead of the closest competition in terms of illuminating a piece of music on the stand, this company has also given me the best customer service that I have ever experienced with any product. Full stop. This combination makes me a fan, customer, and cheerleader for life. Thank you Aria Lights!"
Scott Faulkner
Principal Bassist, Reno Philharmonic
Assoc. Director, League of American Orchestras

The 95th Academy Awards (ABC Television)
Nathan Swanson of NAGANT at the Chopin Theater in Chicago. (Photo by Karen Allbright Photography.)

"It is about the best musical item I have ever bought. I was playing an outdoor jazz concert doing a lot of sight reading and could hardly see what I was trying to read. I said to myself, 'I am going to buy the best light they make I don’t care what it costs.' I Googled just that, and the Aria light popped up. Was it a little expensive? Yes it was. Was it worth it? Yes it was. You can see everything perfectly, no matter how dark. No power, no problem. This thing runs strong for 4 hours on one charge. I leave it hooked up on my practice stand at home until I need it and it’s always ready. Get the little carrying case and the thing is light as a feather. I frickin’ love this light and I recommend it everyone. Now I know there are a lot of things you waste your money on. This is not one of them. If you don’t want to read music like Stevie Wonder, get this light!!!"

Wayne Britton
Richmond Jazz Band and River City Jazz
Richmond, VA

"I am a sixty two year old jazz pianist that has been playing professionally for 40 years. I have used many stand lights all have been very disappointing in their durability and lighting. These lights are high powered, very well built and also stay out of the eyes of the audience. I have recommended them to many other professional musicians. Thanks for creating this fine product."

Phil Goldberg
Portland, OR

"It’s the hippest stand light in town no matter what town you’re in."

Carl Saunders
Jazz Trumpet
Los Angeles, CA

"I am writing to thank you for your great product. I recently purchased an Aria Diva Tall stand light and I am so pleased with it. I have been having problems with my vision and your light makes all the difference. It's amazing how much better teaching, playing and sight reading is when you can see the music! The tall model allows all sorts of odd sized music to clear. The light was very simple to fasten to my stand and looks and works much better than the hardware store nightmare I used to have bolted in place."

D.L. Brown
Del Rio, TX
"My Aria light arrived and I have been using it every day. I LOVE it. I have tried lots of stand lights but this one is the BEST!!! I love the warm light and the fact that it lights up the entire page of music. The charge lasts throughout all my rehearsals and performances. I have velcroed my tuner/metronome on the light so that it is always ready when I need it. I am extremely pleased with this product and with your service. I am recommending this light to every musician I encounter. Thanks again."
Joan Devoe
Lanesboro, MA
"I have been thoroughly enjoying my new light, as have others in my local orchestra - you've gotten at least one additional order because of mine! It truly is a wonderful stand light. Thank you."
Andrea Palounek
Los Alamos, NM
"I wanted to take a moment to say I’m very impressed with the design. (I’m an industrial designer) You did not over style it (as too many things are) and it’s perfect in its elegant simplicity. —Pure beautiful function."
Michael Burridge
Michael Burridge Design
Santa Barbara, CA
"Thank you for making such a great musician's accessory. I gave one of your lights to dear friend for her birthday. She is an active amateur player and carries it everywhere. I got a chance to see the light on our last visit and if I could still play, I would have ordered one for myself. They are well built, have even lighting and enough light for the faintest sheet music and marks. Thanks."
John Doscher
Los Osos, CA
"Thank You! I really need the music stand light. It is by far the best I have ever used."
Mike S.
Lincoln, CA
"You and your company are simply the best! I cannot tell you how important the Diva light is to bringing real joy to my life by allowing me to play in a high level community band and church outreach 'clarinet choir' even though my eyesight is far from perfect. The way it lights the entire (two) page(s) brightly with 'white' light that provides excellent contrast is just fantastic for someone like me who is having both lens and retinal problems with my eyes. I simply cannot read the music correctly without it.

"I certainly believe there must be a fairly large audience of older musicians out there who have failing eye sight who would be very interested in this product if only they knew more about it. My ophthalmologist confirmed that the brighter and whiter the lighting the better your vision will be (because of the contrast it makes). He states I am using the very best remedy available for people like me with poor vision."
Jack Vander Woude
Tempe, AZ
"The light arrived just in time and is the envy of the wind section! It's perfect! (You should be getting at least two more orders this week.)"
Carol Johanson
Bothell, WA
"It's plenty bright, with a delightful evenness of illumination, which should save these aging eyes!"
David E.
Washington, DC
"Last night I was on the Mighty Bright website and was almost ready to buy their orchestra light. But I decided to check out Amazon.com for product feedback and perhaps a better deal. Well, buried in the feedback page I found some really positive feedback about the Aria Diva light and after going on your site to check out the product and decided to buy it. Order arrived quickly and works beautifully to shed serious light on-stage."
Ed N.
Greenbank, WA
"My dad’s 82, and still plays the trombone better than I do. But he’s lost almost all of his vision in one eye (as a result of giant retina detachments in both eyes) so reading sheet music is a challenge. So your light will get a lot of use – thanks! He usually has to use two of the regular type stand lights, but since he only has to use one of yours, it saves him a lot of set up time, hassle wrestling with extension cords, etc."
Jay D.
Kirkland, WA
"Enjoying the light? Every time I use it. . . . seriously!"
Gary H.
Miami, Oklahoma
"I was initially cautious about investing in the Diva light. My last light just fell apart. I’ve had the Aria Diva for almost two years and I am still very happy with it. It lights up the whole music stand with side extenders. With the light clipped to the center, there is enough of the Hamilton stand left on either side of the light clip to hold enough of the extender to essentially double the width of the music holder. The light illuminates the extended portion of stand perfectly as the light diffuses in a horizontal direction with sufficient brightness.

"In summary, the Aria is the best music stand light I have ever used. Everyone who comes over to play covets my light. I do find the cord to be a bit on the short side. Otherwise I cannot suggest any improvements. It is perfect for the music stand in front of my electric piano, and illuminates widely even with the stand widened with "step-out" extenders. A longer cord would make it somewhat more convenient to move the light to a different stand when I play my sax and trumpet. Of course, one might suggest I buy a second Aria. I would, but there is only one of me, so I need only one excellent light."
Barry S. Citron
Montclair, NJ
"I just ordered another diva light for my studio at home..... now I have two! Love the light!!!"
Mary R.
Portland, OR