Professional LED stand lights.

Say goodbye to eye strain and missed notes. Scientifically designed to provide consistent light across the page, Aria® takes music stand lights to a new level.

More light. Right place.

Get up to ten times more light on the page than incandescent bulbs deliver, at one-tenth the power. Sound impossible? These are un-retouched photos of a typical bulb light and an Aria Diva light in a darkened room. The four-watt Aria covers the page all the way to the corners.

Actual photo in darkened room with new original bulb

Aria stays cool and its power-saving LEDs (light-emitting diodes) last 100,000 hours. Even if you use yours 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, that’s 34 years of bright light on your music.

Light and durable.

Instead of steel, Aria is made from sturdy 16 gauge aluminum to make your light . . . well, light. And instead of paint, we fuse a durable powder coating right into the metal. Lights get banged around, but they shouldn’t get banged up. We back that durability with a one-year warranty.

Trust them.

You'll find Aria on television, on Broadway, and on point. They trust Aria lights. Shouldn't you?

Turn the music. See the stick.

Aria allows full-sized orchestra parts to turn freely. Pages won’t catch on your light, and large music folders fit with ease. And with Aria’s lower profile, you’ll have an even better view of the conductor. Our unique design allows you to use stand extenders and fully illuminate four pages of music from top to bottom.