Aria Forte Orchestra

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All the power of the Aria Forte plus wireless control from your stage lighting console.

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Our best rechargeable light, now with wireless control from your lighting console. Read music for over 8 hours on full brightness and 36 hours on half brightness. Perfect for stages, pits, or chamber music, the Aria Forte Orchestra delivers bright, consistent light across a full-sized part up to 4 pages wide. Using the Aria DMX Transmitter, control brightness of your lights wirelessly from zero to 100%. Lights can be controlled in up to eight separate banks so you can dim the winds during a string number, deliver fades and blackouts for effect, dynamically set lighting levels when a movie begins above the orchestra. Forte Orchestra maintains constant brightness right to the end of the charge. Rapid USB recharge provides fast turnaround between events, and can charge during use. Includes a 120-240V USB charger, a nine-foot (2.75 m) cord, and a replaceable high-power lithium polymer (LiPO) battery. One-year warranty. 4 watts. Model F2O.

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