Aria Forte (Tall)


NEW! A taller version of our best light designed for 14-inch European rental parts.

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NEW! A taller version of our best rechargeable and most popular light. The front lip is one inch higher than the standard Aria Forte to clear oversized European B4-sized music up to 14 inches tall. Read music for over 8 hours on full brightness and 36 hours on half brightness. Perfect for gigging indoors or out, stages, pits, or chamber music, the Aria Forte delivers bright, consistent light across a full-sized part up to 4 pages wide. A full-range dimmer lets you match the light level to the environment and conserve battery power. Forte maintains constant brightness right to the end of the charge. An LED blinks to indicate how much charge is left and provide low battery warnings. Forte can be used on wall power up to 9 feet from an outlet. Rapid USB recharge provides fast turnaround between events, and can charge during use. A second side charging port allows bulk charging in stacks or a road case. Includes a 120-240V USB charger, a nine-foot (2.75 m) cord, and a replaceable high-power lithium polymer (LiPO) battery. One-year warranty. 4 watts. Model F2T.

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